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A Step-by-Step Guide to Improve Your Ruby Skills Today

If you learned the basics of Ruby but you still feel like you could be doing a lot better...

...if you don't feel confident in your Ruby skills...

...if you'd like to earn more, write better code & be proud of your work...

...then this could be the most important message you'll read today.


my name is Jesus Castello & I'm a Ruby developer.

I've been teaching Ruby for over 3 years & I'd love to help you become a better Ruby developer!

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Would you agree that if your Ruby skills are lacking you're gonna have a hard time...

...understanding how things work...

...fixing things when they go wrong

... and solving real-world problems?

If You're Only Learning Ruby To Pass Time & Have Fun... Then This Isn't For You

But if you want to build a solid career, get paid & feel good about your work you need to take this seriously.

Here's how:

  1. Find out a list of all the topics you need to cover (things like metaprogramming & lambdas).
  2. Gather all the information from many different sources, filter through it to remove outdated & low-quality material.
  3. Study that information, hoping that you didn't miss anything important.

Sounds like a lot of work right?

Because it is!

Your Problem

When you understand Ruby better you'll be able to write better code, enjoy your work more & feel more confident.

The problem is:

It's hard to know exactly what you need to learn...

...and it's even harder to find all the information you need in one place!

That's why I invested over 100 hours of my time to put together a resource for you.

Here's What This Will Do For You:

  • You'll build a solid foundation of Ruby skills to help you become more confident so you can land that Ruby job
  • You'll ​close the gap between the fundamentals & more advanced concepts
  • You'll learn the tools, ideas & code examples that you need to understand things better

This is Ruby Deep Dive, the book for serious Ruby developers.

Mary Katherine



“I've been reading Ruby Deep Dive as I have time and finding it to be SUPER​​​​ helpful​​​​​.

It's exactly the 'next step' I needed after doing all the beginner tutorials. Thanks for writing it!!! :)“

Inside Ruby Deep Dive You'll Discover:

  • What are blocks, procs & lambdas, how they work & how to use them for maximum benefit!
  • ​Ruby tricks, tips & advice to help you become a better developer.
  • ​How to make your Ruby programs faster
  • check
    Why Enumerable is the most important Ruby class & how to get the most out of it!
  • check
    One thing you need to stop doing now unless you want to look like a beginner developer
  • check
    A review of the core Ruby classes so you aren't missing out on something important!
  • check
    Exactly why this hidden Ruby class makes it possible for Ruby to have class methods (this is the key to understanding how Ruby works under the hood)
  • check
    ...and a few other things that you will not find on your average Ruby book

Imagine being able to understand every line of code in your project...

...and learning to use the full power of Ruby so you can become more confident, understand how things work & write better code.

Ruby Deep Dive will help you do that.

It's Not Only a Ruby Book, It's a Complete Package

Ruby Deep Dive is a complete package to help you build a solid Ruby foundation, bridging the gap between the fundamentals & more advanced concepts.

This is what you get today:

  • An easy to read 200+ page PDF eBook
  • 100+ Code Examples You Can Copy & Paste For Quick Learning!
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    8 Printable Mindmaps That Can Save You Enormous Amounts Of Time
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    A List of Curated Resources to Help You Keep Growing As a Developer!
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    Answers to All Your Ruby Questions (Related To The Book Topics) Via My Personal Email
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    25+ Ruby Exercises to Help You Practice Your New Skills!

How You Can Stand Out In The Market Place & Get The Best Developer Jobs

Would you rather stand out & have fun with your work...

Or get seen as "another AVERAGE developer".

On the same level as all these Ruby developers looking to take on any boring, low-paid project because that's the best they can do.

Nobody wants to watch an average movie, or eat an average meal, or hire an average person...

We all want exceptional.

Companies are looking to hire exceptional developers. Exceptional stands out, average blends with the rest.

It's time to do something about this NOW...

... or get left behind in the average pile where all the boring stuff happens!

You choose.

But if you ask me I would recommend you take advantage of this...

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I know you'll love this book because I put a lot of work into it, but if for whatever reason you aren't happy with it... problem!

Let me know within 60 days & I'll give your money back.

Table of Contents

How to Use Pry To Improve Your Ruby Skills

Exceptions! What error messages mean & how to handle them

Data Structures, Serialization & Ranges

The Ruby Object Model

Ruby Blocks, Procs & Lambdas

How to Use Regular Expressions in Ruby

Understanding Modules & Their Uses

The Enumerable Module: inject, map, select & more!

How To Compare Objects in Ruby

How to Make Your Ruby Code Faster

Metaprogramming by Example

Who Is This Book For?

This is for you if...

  • You have learned the basics of Ruby (variables, if statements, loops, methods)
  • You want to become a great Ruby developer
  • You enjoy learning new things

Not for you if...

  • You're looking for very advanced content
  • You don't think learning & improving your skills is important
  • You're a complete beginner

 Jay Wilburn​​​​ 

Full-Stack Developer 


"This book has helped me understand things better. And I have been able to apply those learnings into some of my work."

Today is the day when you finally make a good decision & get back on track to becoming an expert Ruby developer.

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