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How to Use The Ruby Sequel Gem (With Examples)
What is Sequel? Sequel is a gem that allows you to access your database, no Rails required. You can connect[...]
Understanding Ruby Methods & Writing Your Own
What is a Ruby method? A method is made of lines of Ruby code grouped together with one specific goal.[...]
What Are Rails Parameters & How to Use Them Correctly
Let's talk about Rails parameters! Why are they useful? Users can send data to your web application in three different[...]
Understanding Ruby: String Encoding, ASCII & Unicode
How can strings of characters exist in a world where computers only understand ones & zeros? Well... Just like we[...]
How to Play MP3 Files With Ruby, VLC & The FFI Module
I want to answer one simple question... What is FFI in Ruby? FFI stands for "Foreign Function Interface". It's a[...]
How to Use The Rails link_to Method (With Examples)
Ah, yes. The link_to method. One of the most common helper methods you'll use in your Rails applications. But how[...]
How to Create Temporary Files in Ruby
Creating a temporary file gives you an empty file with a random name inside your O.S. (Operating System) temporary folder.[...]
How to Schedule Cron Jobs in Ruby With the Whenever Gem
What is Cron? Cron is a job scheduling system available in Linux & MacOS operating systems. It can be used[...]
How to Use The Redis Database in Ruby
What is Redis? Redis is a kind of in-memory database that has different kinds of data structures you can use.[...]
An Overview of Data Structures For Ruby Developers
What is a data structure? A data structure is a specific way to organize & access data. Examples include: Arrays[...]
How to Use The Ruby Select Method (With Examples)
You can use the select method in Ruby to filter an array of objects. For example, you can find all[...]
The Ultimate Guide to Rails Rendering
The ultimate goal of your Ruby on Rails application is to render a view. A view is what the user[...]
Understanding Ruby: Variable Scope & Binding Objects
Scope is an important concept to understand for all Ruby developers. It's the source of many error messages & confusion.[...]
How to Use AJAX With Ruby on Rails
The normal flow of visiting a website is that you load a page & if you want to see new[...]

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