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What is Rake in Ruby & How to Use it
Rake is a popular task runner in Ruby. What is a task? Making a backup of your database Running your[...]
Understanding Boolean Values in Ruby
What is a boolean? A boolean is a value used in a logic statement to say if something is considered[...]
Everything You Need to Know About I/O In Ruby
I/O stands for Input/Output. By input we mean all the data & information that comes into something (computer, Ruby method,[...]
Which Ruby IDE Should You Use?
You're going to spend a lot of your time as a developer inside the editor, so it important to use[...]
Ruby Comments Explained!
You can use a Ruby comment to add information to your code that may be helpful for you or other[...]
What is Dry-rb?
Looking for some new & interesting gems to try? Then have a look at dry-rb, a set of gems that[...]
How to Use The Initialize Method in Ruby
The initialize method is part of the object-creation process in Ruby & it allows you to set the initial values[...]
Helpful Math Concepts For Ruby Developers
Do you need to know math to become a good programmer? It depends! If you're just going to be writing[...]
How to Control a Web Browser From Ruby With Watir
Did you know that you can control your web browser with Ruby? The Watir gem allows you to do this.[...]
What is Inheritance in Ruby?
Inheritance is a fundamental OOP feature that allows you to create a more specific & specialized version of a class.[...]
How Do You Use Environment Variables in Ruby?
An environment variable is a key/value pair, it looks like this: KEY=VALUE We use these variables to share configuration between[...]
What is A Matrix & How to Use It in Ruby?
A matrix is a 2D (2-dimensional) array that can be used to store & work with spreadsheet-like data. They can[...]
How to Create Ruby Objects That Describe Themselves
In this article you'll learn how the Ruby inspect method works & why do we use it. When you print[...]
How to Build Command-Line Applications (CLI) with Ruby
Many people forget that Ruby can do things that aren't web applications. In this article, I want to show you[...]

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