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How to Use The Ruby Alias Keyword
You can give an alternative name to a Ruby method in two ways: alias (keyword) alias_method Because they do the[...]
9 New Features in Ruby 2.6
A new version of Ruby is coming with new features & performance improvements. Would you like to keep up with[...]
Ruby Templating Engines: ERB, HAML & Slim
ERB is a templating engine. A templating engine allows you to mix HTML & Ruby. This helps you generate your[...]
How to Use attr_accessor, attr_writer & attr_reader
Let's say that you have a class with instance variables & you want to expose them to the outside world...[...]
Ruby Coding Challenges & How to Solve Them
Doing coding challenges is an excellent way to improve your Ruby & problem-solving skills. Why? Because you put all your[...]
How to Check If a Variable is Defined in Ruby
Ruby has this defined? keyword that helps you check if a variable is defined or not. If the variable exists[...]
Understanding The Differences Between Puts, Print & P
There are many ways to print something in Ruby. Here are the most useful: puts print p But how are[...]
How to Use RSpec Mocks (Step-By-Step Tutorial)
What is a mock in RSpec? (Or a mock in general, because this isn't a concept unique to RSpec.) A[...]
How to Read & Parse CSV Files With Ruby
CSV stands for "Comma-Separated Values". It's a common format for exporting & importing data. For example: You can export your[...]
How to Use Ruby Any, All, None & One
Today you'll learn about 4 Enumerable methods that will help you check a conditional statement against an array of elements,[...]
How to Use the Ruby Grep Method (With Examples)
Let's talk about the grep method. What can this method do for you? You can use Grep to filter enumerable[...]
What is Ruby on Rails?
Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework. A framework is a collection of code, tools & utilities that[...]
How to Use The Ruby Map Method (With Examples)
Map is a Ruby method that you can use with Arrays, Hashes & Ranges. The main use for map is[...]
Understanding Method Visibility In Ruby
What does public, private & protected mean in Ruby? These 3 methods control the public interface of your class. They[...]

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