How to Work With Directories in Ruby

Did you know that you can navigate your file system with Ruby? With the Ruby “Dir” class. You can list directory entries, change your current directory & even create new folders! Here’s an example: filenames = Dir.entries(“.”) This entries method returns an array of filename entries. Every entry is a string, so you’ll need to … Read more

7 Major Differences Between Java & Ruby

How do you move from Java to Ruby? In this guide, you’ll learn what are the major differences between the two languages to help you make the jump. It’s great for the many people looking to move from Java/C# to Ruby. But… If you’re just curious about the differences, then this is also for you. … Read more

How to Use Rails Helpers (Complete Guide)

What are helpers in Rails? A helper is a method that is (mostly) used in your Rails views to share reusable code. Rails comes with a set of built-in helper methods. One of these built-in helpers is time_ago_in_words. Here’s an example: time_ago_in_words( # “less than a minute” time_ago_in_words( + 60) # “1 minute” time_ago_in_words( + … Read more

New Features, Methods & Improvements in Ruby 2.7

Ruby never stops improving! Version 2.7 is here with new features, methods & performance improvements. It’s was released on December 25, 2019. Now, according to Matz… This is the last 2.x version release. Because next year we’re getting Ruby 3.0! But before we get there… Let’s take a look at some of the changes & … Read more