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Why Do We Need Application Servers in Ruby?
You start building your new shiny web application in Ruby. And before you write any code... You want to see[...]
How to Use Logs in Ruby to Track Events & Error Messages
Logging is the process of saving information about what your Ruby application is doing. It's very helpful, both in development[...]
How to Use The Ruby Uniq Method To Remove Duplicates
With the uniq method you can remove ALL the duplicate elements from an array. Let's see how it works! If[...]
Ruby Infinity: How It Works & Why It Matters
What is infinity in Ruby? It's something that has a starting point but no ending. In Ruby, we can express[...]
How to Use The Rails Where Method (With Examples)
In Rails, you can query the database through your models to access your data. You can do this using ActiveRecord[...]
String Concatenation & Interpolation in Ruby (With Examples)
Combining multiple strings together is something that you have to do often in Ruby. But how can you do that?[...]
3 Awesome Ways To Use Ruby’s Gsub Method
Let's talk about Ruby's gsub method. First, you'll need a string to play with this method. Why? Because you use[...]
Read This If You Want to Understand Instance Variables in Ruby
If you want to learn about Ruby instance variables, how they work & why they're useful. You're in the right[...]
How to Use The Ruby Begin & Rescue Keywords (With Examples)
Let's talk about the begin keyword in Ruby. What is it? First, you need to understand something. Your Ruby programs[...]
How to Use The Ruby Sequel Gem (With Examples)
What is Sequel? Sequel is a gem that allows you to access your database, no Rails required. You can connect[...]
How to Write Your Own Ruby Methods (Complete Guide)
What is a Ruby method? A method is made of lines of Ruby code grouped together with one specific goal.[...]
What Are Rails Parameters & How to Use Them Correctly
Let's talk about Rails parameters! Why are they useful? Users can send data to your web application in three different[...]
Understanding Ruby: String Encoding, ASCII & Unicode
How can strings of characters exist in a world where computers only understand ones & zeros? Well... Just like we[...]
How to Use Ruby’s FFI Module to Play MP3 Files
I want to answer one simple question... What is FFI in Ruby? FFI stands for "Foreign Function Interface". It's a[...]

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