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How to Use Ruby Conversion Methods
If you would like to use string methods (like gsub) but you're working with an integer... What can you do?[...]
How to Use The Ruby Super Keyword
What does the super keyword do in Ruby? It calls a method on the parent class with the same name[...]
Rack Explained For Ruby Developers
Would you like to know what goes on behind the scenes of Rails, Sinatra, and other Ruby web frameworks? Then[...]
Solving the N-Queens Problem With Ruby
N-Queens is an interesting coding challenge where you have to place N queens on a N * N board. It[...]
Fast Lookup & Unique Elements With The Ruby Set Class
A set is a class that can hold items in a similar way that an array does... ...but with some[...]
The Ultimate Guide to HTTP Requests in Ruby
If you'd like to get information from a website, or if you'd like to submit forms, upload files...'ll need[...]
The Definitive RSpec Tutorial With Examples
Would you like to learn how to write tests for your Ruby applications using RSpec? Then you're in the right[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Ruby Operators
Ruby has a lot of interesting operators, like the spaceship operator (<=>), the modulo assignment operator (%=), and of course[...]
Ruby’s Powerful Method Arguments & How To Use Them Correctly
I got an email asking for my opinion about when to use keyword arguments. I thought I'd expand my answer[...]
Why Do We Create Classes?
Following my last article, why do we use nil, I thought it'd be a good idea to ask this question[...]
Why Do We Use Nil?
I was having a chat with a friend about a piece of Ruby code & the topic of return values[...]
How To Use The Singleton Pattern In Ruby (And Why You Should Avoid It)
Have you ever wanted to create a class that can only have one instance? No? Me neither. But that's exactly[...]
How To Dramatically Improve Your Ruby Code With Fundamental OOP Principles
A very important topic in object-oriented design is cohesion & coupling. Cohesion is about the relationship between all the methods[...]
How to Use The Strategy Design Pattern in Ruby
Let's talk about the strategy design pattern! This design pattern helps you change the main algorithm inside a method. You[...]

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