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How To Create A Memory Leak in Ruby
There are a few articles out there about how to find memory leaks. But how about creating one? I think[...]
Profiling Ruby’s Memory Allocation with TCmalloc
Everytime Ruby needs to request memory from the operating system it has to call the malloc function. This function is[...]
The Definitive Guide To Time Complexity For Ruby Developers
Time complexity is one of the most interesting concepts you can learn from computer science, and you don't need a[...]
How to Write a Ruby C Extension
Writing a C extension allows you to interact with Ruby from C. You may want to this if there is[...]
How Are Symbols And Strings Different?
Have you ever wondered about the differences between symbols & strings? Let's talk about that! Strings are used to work[...]
Functional Programming In Ruby
Maybe you just heard about functional programming & have some questions. Like... What is functional programming exactly? How does it[...]
Ruby String Methods (Ultimate Guide)
A string is just a sequence of characters. Since strings are objects they have a lot of methods you can[...]
The Definitive Guide to Loops in Ruby
In this article you will learn many different ways to write a Ruby loop. A loop lets you repeat some[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Nil
Nil... What is it, really? Well, nil is just a Ruby object. As you can see here: [crayon-5ae17baa270cf224208944/] There is[...]
Ruby Is Hiding Errors From You!
Ruby will intentionally hide some exceptions from you. Sometimes this can be useful. Like when using the Kernel#loop method with[...]
Learn to Implement & Use Prefix Trees in Ruby
A prefix tree (also known as a trie) is a data structure that helps you organize a word list &[...]
Atom Tricks, Plugins & Shortcuts for Ruby Developers
If you are using Atom for Ruby development then you probably know that there are plugins (packages in Atom) that[...]

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